The mythic, haunting history of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion will finally be told by voice talent Kat Cressida, the artist whose performance as the gothic "Black Widow Bride" was added in early 2006 to the Disneyland version of the Haunted Mansion attraction as part of park-wide enhancements made to the attractions during Disneyland's 50th anniversary festivities.

Disney aficionados will be pleased to hear that this is the first time that a telling of the "backstory" from the Haunted Mansion is presented being based on the story as it was told by the WED Enterprises "Imagineers" themselves back in the earliest days of the attraction's existence. For decades, Haunted Mansion fans have told tales and myths of the Mansion's storied history, with little more than anecdotal evidence to back their claims. Cressida's telling of the story will be pulled directly from her childhood conversations with her father, who worked with Disneyland's PR Department, and also worked directly with the original Imagineers who created this famed attraction.

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Click the link below to listen to's inteview with Kat Cressida about her experience as becoming the "Black Widow Bride," as well as more of her history with Disneyland park and the story behind the recording of "Nuptial Doom: A Haunting Tale of the Haunted Mansion Bride."

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About, a tribute to Disney's Haunted Mansion attractions, has been called "exhaustively in-depth" by Variety Magazine, and has been named a Yahoo! Pick of the week, as well as a USA Today HotSite. The web site, which will celebrate its 9th anniversary on Halloween, features a rich tapestry of history, stories, secrets, interviews, and multimedia offerings that enable visitors to both re-live their memories of the Haunted Mansion and enhance future trips through the ride by arming themselves with insight and understanding of the attraction. The web site also features a large and active message-board community of like-minded fans of the Haunted Mansion.





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"Nuptial Doom: The Bride in the Attic"
A History of the Haunted Mansion... As Told by Kat Cressida

Adapted by John Starling

Written for Recording by John Starling & Kat Cressida

Recorded at the GRAMMY® Award-winning SoundWorks Studios, North Hollywood,
California, on October 19, 2006

Recording mixed & produced by Jeff Sheridan

Sound effects courtesy of Walt Disney Records, from new digital master of the original sounds of the Haunted Mansion

Special thanks to: Chris Goosman (Walt Disney Imagineering), Tom Fitzgerald (Walt Disney Imagineering), Walt Disney Records, Brian Nefsky (Theme Park Productions), Ned Lott, Howard Green (Walt Disney Studios), Tim Curtis (William Morris Agency), Jerry Beber
...and a certain Pirate.