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Digital Delights

Surround yourself with Haunted Mansion digital memorabilia

Whether its digital wallpaper for your desktop/laptop/phone, or a game to while away your mundane mortal hours - DoomBuggies will supply you with enough haunting fun to last a lifetime! Enjoy these bits and pieces of digital flotsam, designed to make the dreary days between visits to the Haunted Mansion go by more quickly. And if you have some sort of Haunted Mansion media that you'd like to add to the DoomBuggies library, let us know.

The 13-hour grandfather clock widget

A DoomBuggies exclusive! Download this wonderful clock to add to your web site, blog or myspace page for free - or, get it in the form of a desktop widget (Windows only) that you can drag around and place anywhere on your computer desktop for only 99 cents!

Modeled after the famous 13-hour grandfather clock in the Haunted Mansion, this off-kilter clock actually tells the time, making it a bit more useful than its larger cousin in the Corridor of Doors. The desktop widget is a simple Windows .exe file. Buy the desktop widget here (you'll receive an instant download link after paying), or add the free web site add-on by copying the code below and then pasting it into your web site, blog, or myspace page:

Outfit your space with a demon's face

If you've ever visited the Haunted Mansion, you've certainly experienced the uncomforable sensation of being "watched" as you travel down the Corridor of Doors. While that could be due to a security camera, it's just as likely to be due to Rolly Crump's amazing "demon eyes" wallpaper. Often attributed to Marc Davis, this creepy wallpaper owes more to Crump's distinct stylized creatures created for the never-completed "Museum of the Weird" than anything else, and it definitely gives the Corridor its unmistakable character.

Right-click on the swatch of wallpaper to the left and save it somewhere on your computer (using the "save as" option), then set the image to "tile" in your desktop display properties. The file also makes a great web site or myspace background as well!

Want to save this (or either of the images below) as wallpaper for your cel phone? Just "alt-click" on either of the three images, and follow the directions (courtesy of Pix2Fone).

Here, in the flickering gloom...

The wallpaper design pictured at right is found in the foyer of the Haunted Mansion, and we offer it to you in two forms: well-lit (as captured in those rare moments when sunlight hits the walls of the foyer), and dimly-lit (as it typically appears in the flickering gloom of the Haunted Mansion.) Simply right-click on either swatch and save it somewhere on your computer (using the "save as" option), then set either design to tile in your desktop display properties.

This particular design is also available commercially from the supplier. It is a pattern from the Victorian era consisting of lillies with leaves with gold details, creating a very elegant and stately design. It comes in rolls measuring 27" wide and 15' long. It is called Lily-Dresser Tradition II (Color Code: LYW-550; Color Scheme: Ashes of Rose). It is available through Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers - visit their web site for more information or to order the wallpaper, and create a haunted domicile of your own!

Enjoy our exclusive official screensaver!

Created exclusively for DoomBuggies.com by Haunted Dimensions, this animated screensaver will transport you to a dark and stormy night outside of the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion facade. Click here to download the self-installing screensaver (Windows 98 through XP; 1.2M)

Icons for an iconic attraction

Created exclusively for DoomBuggies.com by The Disney Experience, this animated set of 15 cursors for Windows will haunt your computer each and every day, until you return! Click here to download the set (complete instructions for use are included.) And if the cursor set is not enough, Trader Sam continues to impress with an exclusive set of fantastic icons! Your desktop will be fun again! Complete instructions for use are included with the zipped package, so download it now!

Mouse tails... er, trails

For a little more fun, try adding these fascinating Cursor Skins to your mouse! First, click here to download CursorSkins for free. Next, double-click and install the software, then click on either the Doom Buggy or Organ Banshee at left to instantly install the magic cursor of your choice, and watch a trail of Doom Buggies or Banshees follow you home!

Ravenscroft: The fiendish font of the Haunted Mansion

You can use the very same font that Disney uses to represent the Haunted Mansion! Ravenscroft, a font created by Justin Callaghan and Tim McKenny, is a caringly reproduced version of a condensed weight of the Rubens typeface - a victorian era font. Callaghan and McKenny created this particular weight specifically to recreate the font as it is used on the Haunted Mansion gate plaques that welcome guests to the attraction. On occasion, Disney artists have contacted DoomBuggies looking for a Haunted Mansion font, and they have been directed to Ravenscroft - the finest condensed Rubens available. It's free for personal use: visit MickeyAvenue.com to download a copy for PC or Mac.

The Haunted Console: The Mansion appears in video games

Click the audio button below to listen to the audio track from the Haunted Mansion level!

The Haunted Mansion was featured in an extended level of Disney's "Adventures in the Magic Kingdom," a ROM available for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the '80s. Today, any computer that can run Windows can be easily turned into a vintage NES with emulator freeware, and the software ROM image of "Adventures" can be found at various places throughout the internet—you might try a Google search if you're interested.

There is a Total Conversion (TC) for Duke Nukem 3-D called "Dukeland," in which aliens take over Disneyland, and you've gotta take it back! This is a major redo, with impressive graphics and sounds, in which Duke travels through New Orleans Square and Tomorrowland hunting down the aliens. The game levels encompass Star Tours, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and, with great detail, the Haunted Mansion. You'll need to own Duke Nukem to use the TC, which you can find on Amazon.com. Then download the TC (9.65M) and learn more about the game here.

Or, check out "Haunted Mansion 3D," another Duke Nukem 3D conversion with more extensive instructions for use and play here.

DoomBuggies.com is proud to have been a reference point for Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour, a game from Eidos Interactive, which features a stunningly-realized race through the Haunted Mansion. Ross Harris, of software company Crystal Dynamics, said "I'm happy that I got to do 99% of the HM racetrack all by myself. Disney gave us a lot of reference, and we spent five days in the Disney World parks in Florida where I shot hours of videotape - but most of the reference for the HM came from the internet—your site included. I think I did a pretty good job of being faithful to the Mansion... if you take into account the technical limitations, and some changes made for game play purposes." This is a game worth investing in a Playstation just to play. You can still find it on Amazon.com for Playstation, Dreamcast, or GameBoy Color.

A notable review: "I shouldn't be recommending this. Nobody NEEDS another Kart racing game. But... as a Disney collector's item, it works wonders. When I first heard of this game, I thought for sure it would never work, that it wouldn't be as fun as the real thing. Of course, nothing could be that great (I feel like a little boy all of the sudden!), but this game works on just enough levels that it's worth the ride. Bottling the magic of Disneyland is rare in a licensed product, but that essence is here in Disney Magical Racing Tour." —Marc Nix, Snowball.com

In conjunction with the 2003 Haunted Mansion motion picture, TDK released the definitive Haunted Mansion video game, titled simply "The Haunted Mansion." In this game, you need courage to stay alive as you battle beastly creatures and solve puzzling quizzes to rescue the trapped happy haunts and bring peace to the cursed abode. Fans of the film and ride alike should be thrilled with this homage, as it contains surprises and characters from both sources. And game play is intuitive, yet challenging enough for even experienced gamers. At a preview party TDK hosted at Disneyland's famed Club 33, even hardcore game developers and reviewers found much to praise in this release.

There is even a strategy guide available that will help you make the most of your gaming experience with The Haunted Mansion. You can get the game on Amazon for either XBox, Playstation 2 or GameCube.


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