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"The Unauthorized Story of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion"

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Welcome to DoomBuggies.com, an online documentary about Disney's Haunted Mansion attractions. Don't miss the following features of our fiendishly fun site:

A DoomBuggies.com exclusive: Discover the 1950 publication that directly inspired Ken Anderson's design for the Haunted Mansion facade. Unearthed from the WDI archives, this photograph from 1950 is undoubtedly the primary inspiration for the exterior design at Disneyland.

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Now the tale will be told!

Throughout the development of the Haunted Mansion, various storylines and background stories were considered for use in the attraction - either as literal interpretations or as ideas that would inform the design of the ride. But since Walt Disney died before a firm direction was decided upon, it was up to his Imagineers to put their heads together to refocus the Haunted Mansion project and take it to completion.

Though in the end it was decided to create the attraction as a series of vignettes designed more as sight gags than storytelling mechanisms, one of the original stories created within the walls of WED stands out as a dramatic tale intended to describe the family that once lived in the Mansion, and the tragic circumstances surrounding their untimely deaths. A sea captain, a lonely bride, and a tell-tale heart... all mixed together in a classic ghost story that might have been.

DoomBuggies is proud to present a dramatic presentation of that story, as recalled by Kat Cressida, who grew up hearing the tales from her father, who worked alongside the marketers and Imagineers at Disneyland in the early '70s. Cressida is now a voice over artist for Disney, and has come full circle in one of her latest roles, which is the voice of Constance, the bride currently haunting the attic in the Haunted Mansion attractions. Click here to learn more about the project or to listen to the story now.

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Did you know that when X Atencio wrote the unforgettable theme song from the Haunted Mansion ("Grim Grinning Ghosts"), he was actually quoting Shakespeare? Now you can satisfy both the literary and haunting sides of your personality with our new Shakespeare poster - just one of many great items in the official DoomBuggies Souvenir Shop! Click here to visit.

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Our library is well-stocked

Don't miss DoomBuggies' library of Haunted Mansion stories, articles and printed works, where you can learn even more about the Mansion from every period of the Mansion's history, from the '60s through today.

Special event reports

Read in-person reviews of various special events Disney has held to celebrate and honor the Haunted Mansion, such as Disneyland's 30th anniversary event and Walt Disney World's Happy Haunts Ball, among others.

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