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The Without Whom Dept.

DoomBuggies wouldn't be complete without a community to allow Haunted Mansion fans to exchange facts, fun and friendship. For their countless hours of behind-the-scenes commitment to providing Haunted Mansion fans a place to gather, DoomBuggies.com is deeply grateful to the message board moderating staff:

Ghost1000, Ste3ve, TrinitysGhost, Haunted Mansion, Redrum, Jester, EnglishGhost, Desdinova, Cobaltman, and LeotasChild.

DoomBuggies.com also wishes to thank the charter group of message board moderators, who (along with myself) made up the "Sinister 11" and kept the community running smoothly in a steady period of growth in the anticipation and wake of the Nov. 2003 release of Walt Disney Pictures' The Haunted Mansion. Props to Artdude323, AtkidDeena, Macabri, Music4Autobahns, Nate, Tach, TrinitysGhost, VelmaLostHerGlasses, WeirdGlowsGleam, and Wolf.

DoomBuggies.com expresses sincere gratitude to Don Hahn, Rob Minkoff, Jason Surrell, Eric Robison, Jeremy Morgan, Lance Porter, Clarissa Jaspers, Dick Trembley, and Brandon Champlin.

DoomBuggies.com wishes to express appreciation to the following fans and contributors:

SPECIAL THANKS: Steve Fink, Chris Merritt, Kelly Mann, Michael Balgavy, Rick Polizzi at Film Roman, Scott Wolf, Tony Lawrence, Forrest J. Ackerman, Scott Bruffey, Allen Huffman, Lauri "Fleur," Jonas Rivera at Pixar, Guy Kalicicki, Mike Peterson, Jeff Gonzales, Shawn Potts, Ben Eden, C. D. Nettles, Dave Collier, Mike Lee, our "Ghostess" Lenora, Damien, and the many Cast Members who have supported this vision.

SPECIAL THANKS CON'T.: Leonard Pickel at Haunted Attraction, Sterling Long-Colbo at Hauntorama, Rochelle Santopoalo at Halloween Alliance, Robie "Karen" Lester, Derek Bullard, Roman Dirge, Amy Shanafelt (the Hearse Queen), Paul Clemens, Sunny C. and Tyson Dieter (the devoted fan).

MORE SPECIAL THANKS: Extra thanks to Robbin and Christine for years of running around the park, and for many Inner Space memories. Props to Jed and Foxx and Kronos and David G. and AprilDecember and the rest of the charter fans. Special thanks to Jen P. for cementing my Disnification in the early years.

And a special loving thanks to my bemused wife, who really doesn't see the fuss over, well, just a ride. If it weren't for her, there'd be no DoomBuggies.com, because she is sensible enough to know when I'm in over my head and helps me stay balanced, so that I can dive into the site again another day. I love you, sweetheart.

—Chef Mayhem


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